General Mt Smart Ground Announcer Thread

Nick Brown was getting a bit stale but that new ground announcer at Mt Smart is a shocker.
He needs to know when to keep quiet and I also hate somebody forcing a chant on the crowd.
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My mates and I were saying the same exact thing. Most was so cringe. They should at least get someone who knows what the hell they are doing. I don't mean a party MC person but someone who is actually been a fan for sometime and understands how the Mt Smart faithful do their chants. His chants were all off beat. Where do they find these people.

I didn't mind Nick and change can be good but this new guy is terrible. Hopefully he does some research from old fans on how to do it justice. Wish him well...
I feel sorry for the guy as he was likely doing what he was told, but it completely ruined the vibe. We know our own chants! And sometimes the players just need to hear the silence of 24,000 people… when they win the ball back and they hear the roar, that’s what it’s all about.

The old guy used to encourage a defence chant, or simply a “let’s hear you Go Media Mt Smart Stadium” for a cheer — but the Warriors chant is organic and should happen when we want it to or feel the collective need to get behind the team.
Hopefully a good learning experience for the guy & the club cause that was pretty dire.

He was way off time & the chants need to happen organically or they're corny.

The crowd was a bit flat too when we were looking clunky - happens when the bandwagon is full & things aren't clicking.
Definitely a bit ruthless to get rid of Nick Brown...

But some positive thoughts - the pre match content, team run on, halftime show are pretty spectacularly put together for an Australasian game - not sure any other club or code are matching that at the moment around these ways.
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I got to the ground before the gates opened yesterday due to a change in plan with all the terrible traffic.
At about 4.45pm they were playing the team announcement over the loudspeakers which I found interesting. It made me wonder if this was the announcer practising, or recording it to be played later, or even a pre recorded tape being played.
It was definitely one of the latter two options as I took note of the way he said heeee's baaack when RTS was announced.

So. Perhaps all of the sound clips are pre recorded and were haphazardly played by someone in a control booth somewhere? That may explain why it sounded so unenthusiastic and out of touch with the game situation?

I also had a thought that the announcer talking sounded like Sam Hewat, but he would have been commentating the game live for SENZ
Need to keep this guy away from the microphone. Don’t ever want to hear that nonsense chant from him. How many times he did try it last night ??? And I was watching on TV?!!! 😜 😂

Bad look for the club


Sort it out CG.
He referred to Jack Williams as Jeff Williams, and got Ford and Capewell mixed up on more than one occasion. If that was prerecorded he's worse than I thought!
For the subs? Those wouldn't be pre recorded.

Didn't notice if the subs announcer was the same as the team list/chant announcer were the same. But I suppose they would be which rules Sam Hewat out
Did they come out of the tunnel with that Alien Weaponry song. Couldn't hear it to well on the tv and sounded like GnR playing?