Post Match 2023 Broncos vs Warriors - Week 3 Finals (Post Match)

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Way to physical.
everyone's singing now aye? Dudnt we start that shit.
Go panthers
It's frustrating. The Broncs were the better team with that offloading, but man, why give them the leg up with calls?

The shit we got pinged for they didn't. It's that simple.

Let the best team win by beating better at the game. Probably still would have been Broncs but the game would have been a better watch.
We put up a good fight and it would have been a better fight if the refs weren't blind.

Just put gunned in the end and that's not something to be ashamed of.

Next year is looking bright. We haven't had a year like this in a long time and it's been equally as long as thinking next year we'll really be competing.

Webby, the coaches and all the players can be proud.
It’s been a good run lads. We just didn’t have the squad to win this. Realisticly at the start of the year didn’t even have the squad to make the 8, so big up to Webby and the boys.
Here’s hoping we build off this season and have a proper crack at the premiership next year. We need more Talented Youth and another beast prop, Enter Leiataua, RTS, Metcalf, Zyon Maiu’u, Ale, Sifakula, Halasima and another beast prop.
And that’s all she wrote.

Long live the Wahs.

I turn to 2024 with much anticipation.

Reality is - this wasn’t our year. But we will be better for the experience of playing both the top teams in the finals, while dealing to a bottom-of-the-top-8 team at home in the middle.

Look at that emotion of D Walkers face post game. We will come back from this.

I’ll still be wearing my Warriors gear tomorrow, next week, next month, next year.

Up the Wahs ❤️💙💚
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