TeamList Warriors vs Storm - [Round 15, 2024]

Warriors vs Storm


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Tom Ale is 18
Sheck is 19 and the rest cut.

Read into what you will by Sheck being 19 and not cut

So Old Warrior ball could be on the cards. Roger hungus running in cirlces, Shaun blind in the left eye Johnson and Tom comes on with five minutes to go Ale.

You gotta laugh.

Roger and SJ are playing for their spots this year, no two ways bout that.

Tis a good thing, both have a lot to offer, they just gotta get with the program and change their ways.

Get to it SJ and RTS, small changes, incrementally, put is another way, that pairing playing well within the new set up are probably our only realistic chance of going all the way.
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Johnson should be held back for CHT, Pompeys the best centre in the club :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:

You guys are funny
Pompey constantly starting has really hit you in the butt hurtery huh? 🤣 You really wanted him to fail......Oh well, Get on board sunshine and be happy for the guy. And stop saying "You guys" as if it's you vs everyone else. It isn't that deep.