NRL Grand final poll

Who do you WANT to win the grand final?

  • Panthers

  • Broncos

  • I’m still bitter and twisted…

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Other Kiwis James Fisher Harris, Moses Leota, Jordan Riki, Jesse Arthurs, Brandon Piakura, Scott Sorenson.

Also........Jarome Luai (captained Junior Kiwis), Spencer Leniu (born in Auckland), Reece Walsh (Maori)
Clearys a kiwi too. Well at least has a kiwi passport. Fuck you Wayne Scurrah
He’s spoken about that before and even though he toyed with the idea of kiwis his mum reminded him he was Aussie, it’d be as hollow as Fien playing for us
The better question would've been who do you want to lose 😅

And my answer to that is Brisbane, so I am smugly satisfied that they still couldn't clinch it with a big lead after bundling us out last weekend.