Social NZWarriors NRLFantasy Competiton 2024

Honestly I might go berry over Kris.. I want a wah and him/Metcalf have the most upside value
Hahah I was going to put in my last post that Berry is looking like a decent option at around the same price. But I wussed out since I’m pretty sure I’ve commented in here telling people not to buy him haha. He looked so good at the end of last season and to me looked a lot physically stronger this year in the trials. He’s got pretty good base stats too.
Same for me and I have started well.
It happens though from time to time over the years with the Fantasy, early season glitches.
Same, no longer in a league. It doesn't show the generic warriors fan league either so might be an NRL fantasy/app glitch.
Also the league will show back up at the end of the round. It’s to stop people seeing each others teams till the end of the rolling lockout.
I have Sitili aswell souldve known better i have started with him for the past 2 years and traded him out early every time due to injury/low scores.

May was a surprise though do yous reckon hel keep up those numbers or was it a one off?
73? He got 55 cuz

I’m new to SC but this is saying 73?

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