General NSW Cup 2024

On a side note relating to the 💙 Mighty NSW Cup , Kalani Going’s Great Uncle, Super Sid Going passed away .
For those old enough to remember him - he was an all time great All Black rugby player and together with Bryan Williams , my two favourite players of all time.
RIP Super Sid.
I had the provilege of playing in Sid Going's last 1st class ga.e at Okara Park for King Country. The place was packed. After the game Sid left the field on peoples shoulders. I was carried off on a sttetcher.
Sione could also be known as Havi? Played Second Row for our junior sides
You know much about him? How old? Similar build to Toni?
I'm guessing he's 26 based on when he played NYC, so the middle brother maybe.
Certain it's the same guy as he's been playing off the bench in Ron Massey Cup under the name Sione for a Bears feeder side the Hills Bulls.
Looking through the Ron Massey line ups I also spotted Lleyton Finua who was a Development contracted player in 2022 & is playing for the once great Glebe Dirty Reds
Good game, just caught up. Hoping Sio Kali is not seriously injured.

For a side missing the promoted players they played really well.

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