Pick Your Team Warriors vs Titans - Round 8, 2024 PICK YOUR TEAM

  1. CNK
  2. DWZ
  3. Berry
  4. RTS
  5. Leiataua
  6. TMM
  7. Johnson
  8. Fonua-Blake
  9. Egan
  10. Barnett
  11. Ford
  12. Laban
  13. Harris
  14. Walker
  15. Ale
  16. Zyon Maiu’u
  17. Capewell
Walker being back is going to be huge, we have missed him so damn much

Picked 3 rookies yes, but just need to breathe some life into the team. Zyon Maiu’u especially I am sure will bring big time energy off the bench if Webby lets him play more than the last 5 minutes

RTS stays at centre, even if it’s like we have Vailea back out there, I’m not interested in the put him to wing chat. But he has to stop pulling a Metcalf and cutting back right every time he gets the ball. Just needs to screw his head on properly in general really.

Capewell off the bench for me, Webby has to let go of this 80 minute backrowers affinity because it’s not like he is using the extra interchanges effectively anyway, but also with Laban, for the little I have seen him play, I think will attract a lot more attention running the line on that ol’ right side block play that was a cheat code last year
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Did Montoya have a shit game? Yeah I guess so. But it was off the back of his runs in the first 20 why we got where we were. He is running out of rope though.

Capewell has been disappointing, not terrible just disappointing. Webby’s not gonna drop him though.

It’s just the bench, hopefully Walker is back. Tom and Laban are ok off the bench. Unfortunately we have to waste a bench spot cause Egan get hurt so often.

Same starting team, last chance saloons.
14. Walker
15. Ale
16. Laban
17. CHT/Roache.
Going to have to pick some youth and just live with the consequences.

The competition is far too tight this year to try sneak through with 13 or 14 players and just hope the opposition doesn't notice you have no intention of using your bench. As soon as the Dragons got through the opening 20 from us it was game over.

Agreed Capewell has been disappointing to date. Don't see any desperation, nor much talk. Attack he is below par overall for a first grade backrower, his defence and leadership need to be better.

Team next week will likely be dictated by injuries but it's a home game against the worst team in the competition, we desperately need some energy so hand out a couple of debuts to bench forwards and see how they go.
I would expect the team to largely be the same. Partly due to Webster giving them a chance to turn it around and also due to a lot of guys being injured.

Hopefully the bench is readjusted.

Also hope Walker is back as expected. I didn't see it listed on how long CHT is out for. Getting either of those two back on the bench would help.

We have quite a few front rowers out. Surely Zyon Maiu’u gets a debut.

The other query for this week is Ford's crusher tackle. There didn't look like much in it but who knows with the judiciary and with the loadings. That could give a chance for Laban to come in.
Can whoever is the designated kickoff taker put in a bit of extra practice before Thursday please. Park footy quality at times tonight
1 C N Klokstad
2 D W Zelezniak
3 R Berry
4 A Pompey
5 R T Sheck
6 T M Martin
7 S Johnson
8 A F Blake
9 W Egan
10 M Barnett
11 J Ford
12 L Capewell
13 T Harris

14 C H Tavita
15 T Ale
16 Z Zyon Maiu’u
17 D Walker

Sheck can run till his hearts content on the wing.
Probably our best team. Still missing a hard running second rower and need SJ to stick to the right side of the ruck a little more and let the left have a bit of space and ball.
Roger’s kick offs would be good if someone runs like Ezra Mam, even the dragons were caught off guard letting it bounce twice lol