Pick Your Team Warriors vs Titans - Round 8, 2024 PICK YOUR TEAM

I’d just give Farr a crack, see how he goes. We already know how the Martin, Walker combo went. Or if Tauipiki is a better kicker than Farr put him at 6

6. Farr/Tauapiki
7. Martin

There's an interview with SJ and Tohu too
SJ is such a tease with the will he or won't he sign again act. I watched it on 1.5 speed, he moves like Charlie Chaplin at 1.5.
Kicker? Pompey 6 TMM 7, Pompey lives on the left edge anyway and he just moves 1 in, and he kicks goals that are not too important

CHT has some of the worst timing ever to get hurt

Really rather not see SJ collapsing and holding his ankle
in my opinion its imperative we have a good result this week, SJ needs to play. we have to bounce back and bounce back well. no point panicking with selections either, but the bench needs a re-shape. same 1-13 as last week, but bench should be
14. Walker
15. Ale
16. Mau'u
17. Laban

work out rotations so that barny and AFB arent off at the same time, 20 for mitch then spell him, bring him back on for AFB at 30 etc etc
I’m going to change my predicted team based on CHT being out.

1. CNK
2. DWZ
3. Berry
4. RTS
5. Montoya
6. TMM
7. SJ
8. AFB
9. Egan
10. Barnett
11. Ford
12. Capewell
13. Harris

14. Walker
15. Ale
16. Laban
17. Zyon Maiu’u

18. Tuaupiki
19. Pompey
20. Stowers-Smith
21. Roache
22. Leiautua
23. Going

I have a feeling Stowers Smith may come in for Laban and play the Bunty role…

Ford and Capewell will play 80.

Bench will be interesting as we need to manage Fifita