General U20 Warriors vs Souffs


Shot Ngani. 2 tries already.

How do we continue to produce barnstorming Toyota Cup centres but continually struggle in with NRL centres...

Okay that isn't fair Konrad is bairly out of nappies.
Geez they're really clicking into gear now. Looking more like the team we expect them to be today. Can they keep it up for 80 though?
souths score a few minutes before halftime. and they score another right on halftime. 24-8 to the warriors at half time.


Slimey in for another 4 pointer. I still like the look of him, obviously not quite the same as Fish in terms of attack but I think he's a more complete player. Would be disappointed to see him leave, though again you'd have to think he'd need to develop his game on the wing or at centre.
We look like an entirely different team with Havili on the field. He's been great as has Hiku. Looks like a few good one could come out of this year if that centre kicks on too.

I reckon with that killer fend Omar could be a great centre. He's got good one on one tackling technique too. I remember seeing him make 4 try savers in one game not too long ago. Much better value than Fish as he can play wing at a high level (well, in Toyota Cup anyway) Omar can play at least 2 positions, whereas Fish can only play half of fullback (attack)

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