Gameday Penrith vs Warriors - Finals Week 1 (Game Day)

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Who will win?

  • Warriors 13+

    Votes: 8 7.6%
  • Warriors 12-

    Votes: 19 18.1%
  • Warriors JANFIN Special by 6

    Votes: 31 29.5%
  • Penrith 12-

    Votes: 12 11.4%
  • Penrith 13+

    Votes: 35 33.3%

  • Total voters
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Warriors 24 Panthers 10.

I suspect some arrogance might slip into the Panthers and as Yoda would say, "Take us seriously you don't, so punish you we will."

And then we focus on defence. It was the defensive effort - especially in the first half - in the Raiders away game that made me believe.
Came across this from Rugby league project.

TMM has a sweet finals stat line! He's gonna cause some issues left side.

Bring home the dubb boys! 18-16 Stephen Critchon miss the difference.

Throw in a pen with sin bin for hip drop tackle by Yeo. (which will be a square up from earlier this year)
How will we score points?
How much of an impact will TMM and Walker make in playing halves?
Will we take our first top 4 scalp of the season?

Not confident at all. But yeah still go the Warriors. It'll be quite a battle but I hope the players are more confident of their own ability than I am.
Black Caps started the day with a commanding victory over England, ABs just brought the mood of the country down with a messy defeat to the old foe France to kick off their World Cup, now it's up to the mighty Warriors to beat the odds by beating the best to heal the nation!

Let's f'n goooooooo!!!!
24-12 to panthers. AFB and Egan to score for us. Egan to hold the team together but panthers with home ground and Adam Gee will have too much ball and better attacking options.
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