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As I said above, he was good enough to be selected as fullback (and captain) for the Kiwis. Can't remember when but someone should know.
Can't remember the year but it was at a time when we didn't have many options for fullback. He had a great game, but it is far from the long grind of the NRL.
To be fair to Kav1 I do recall he had an exceptional game for the Kiwis but that was some years ago and is not an entire season of NRL. Also why would you take away his best attribute which is finishing and Charnze is a rockstar at the back.
He could still show his aerial skills and Chanze would have the opportunity to use his elusive skills and deft touches to score tries (rather than wasting energy running it up from the back).
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Fingers crossed about Bunty!
Yeah bunty is an unsung 'glue' player for the team, def a lot more important than we all prob realised (cue the few that knew all along ;-) ha ha)
The other exceptional defender is Jazz. He can also be relied on to draw players in and get a quick play the ball. A bench player must make an impact by lifting the spirits of the team. This was the role of the "bald brothers" last year but has been disrupted by injury this season. I read that Jazz will be available for Magic Round (against the Panthers). That game is a make or break for us and I hope that there is room for him in the 17.