Staff Andrew Webster

Coach Grade
  1. NRL Head Coach
Date of Birth
Jan 17, 1982
Birth Location
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
  1. 🇦🇺 Australia
Warriors Debut Date
Mar 3, 2023
Warriors Debut Details
March 3 2023, Round 1 vs Newcastle Knights at SKY Stadium, Wellington, New Zealand
Warriors Years Active
  1. 2015
  2. 2016
  3. 2023
  4. 2024
Signed From
Penrith Panthers (Assistant Coach)
Rugby League Project
Glad they got this one right, it was inarguable. Only coach who could compare was what Wayne managed with the dolphins, if they'd managed to nab a few more wins. That was mighty impressive considering their roster.

People talking about Kevvy were dreaming. Not that he did a bad job, but their team is absolutely stacked and never should have missed the 8 last year in the first place. Broncos have ended up where they should be, Warriors went incredibly far over and above.

Well done to Webby, we've got our coach.
I can see the arguments for the other coaches that were in contention.

Out of the others I'd have favoured Cleary for getting the Panther dominant again.

Walters got improvement out of the Broncos last year before they fell away. Some of the points used to push his case like he's in Brisbane where there is a lot of pressure and media attention while Webster is in New Zealand. It's always sounded silly to me. Just because you don't read or hear NZ media it doesn't mean there is no pressure.

Webster did take on a team that came 15th place and got them a game off a Grand Final. We weren't even talked about as one of the teams likely to improve. I know some people say it isn't the improvement trophy but it has often been for the top team or a coach that has turned a team around.

He has done an amazing job and this is well deserved.
MXRecord KyseenAnandSukhdev I also pretty sure he wanted a long term contract 3-5 years and they would only give him 2.

Others have said that Ivan probs only the coach he is now because he went to a few different clubs. He didn't have any success in his first stint as Panthers coach, but also their juniors weren't ready for the prime time yet.

My think is, there will be a time that Webby won't do as well as we all want him to do and I hope that the fans know that it does take time to embed a good team and also the players coming through.

The big thing is, we have always had good juniors coming through but we haven't nurtured enough of them to be in their full potential. We let go many that become great somewhere else because they were nurtured better. Webby seems to have that in him but what worries me is he hasn't really shown that this year. People like Jazz and Montoya have been allowed to keep their spots no matter how they perform and that isn't a good sign for those that train their butts off and do well in 💙 Mighty NSW cup.
Does anyone remember the reason why Ivan Clearly left the Warriors? Was it cause he wanted to go back home or did management not give him the deal he wanted.
Cause super coach Bluey wanted to drive the bus 🤣🤣

Actually tho, as far as I’m aware. Gus was going super hard to get him over to the panthers. He would have stayed if we put up a fight. Our management at the time thought “meh he’s not that great, he only got us to the GF. We have Bluey here ready to win us the GF”
Yep, feels like the club got too big for it's britches with cleary. We had a great bunch of juniors, we had some ridiculous depth, game breaking players on the roster, we had some consistent success, and some twit thought that wasn't enough. The grim years that followed should be a reminder to management to never make the same mistake again. God, we lost Ivan to the panthers and ended up with the Panther's hand me downs in Matthew Elliot.
Actually tho, as far as I’m aware. Gus was going super hard to get him over to the panthers. He would have stayed if we put up a fight. Our management at the time thought “meh he’s not that great, he only got us to the GF. We have Bluey here ready to win us the GF”
I understand it a little differently.
Yes, for sure Gus Gould wanted him badly, but Ivan was settled here.
The club CEO, a former manager of North Harbour Stadium :rolleyes:, and perfume salesman, heard grumblings from some league legends who didn't like John Hart, and were keen to get rid of him.
John Hart had been appointed by Eric Watson as football manager to help Ivan. They had established a close working relationship.
Hart is an arsehole to say the least, and rubbed a lot at the club, and in the game, up the wrong way.
That was not Ivan's fault.
So they wanted to throw the baby out with the bathwater and get rid of Ivan..
I know that is unbelievable but I heard one of those legends on talkback sticking the knife in. Shame on them I say.
So looking from Ivan's perspective, he had more than a firm offer from Gould. Gould was begging him to move, our club did nothing to keep him, nothing!!!
So what was Ivan to do?
Remind me again, WTF saved out club?
It woud be as dumb as Mohawk saying fark you Webby, you didn't make the final, Cecil is coaching ok in Fox we are getting him in.
Yes, as dumb as that ladies and jellybeans.