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Agree mate, mandatory means no exceptions! Except…..pretty sure the Dogs pulled it off with Mahoney last year
If that mentality keeps up though, we'll be playing Xbox Rugby League to decide matches. Everyone will get an HIA. It's a physical game. Rapana not getting an HIA, if you call out anyone who looks like they're HIA, practically everyone gets their head knocked during a game. How Rapana didn't get called is beyond logic. Clearly there is not enough people capable of judging from afar. It might not even be possible. How many times does a player pull up with an injury and nobody knows how except the player?

What I'm saying is that there are so many HIAs, if we're serious about player safety, the game should be banned. Instead we're in a halfway place, where we make arbitrary decisions that deem people unfit to play who are fine, or misses out the ones who are not. We used to play in the quad, on concrete at KBHS.

It's more dangerous today because they're athletes. Maybe it's time to make headgear compulsory? I can't see HIAs going away, or mistakes in tackles. Just my opinion.
He can apply for an exemption if he has no symptoms in the days following the incident - this is because he has had less than 3.

If he is symptom free then I don't have a problem with us appealing and naming him

It's a 9 dey turn around and if you've been symptom free for 8 days then play - even the smallest symptom and he should be scratched
I feel there is no need to take the risk. We can put RTS to fullback who is probably better than young Taine at this stage and bring in either Pompey who did a good job for us all last year at left centre or young Ali.

If Taine hadn't been concussed I suspect he would have been named with CNK probably back next week. I did see a rumour on here that CNK may be back this week which would be awesome, but again we have the depth now where we have the luxury of not rushing anyone back at this stage.

I think RTS to FB, the Pompadour to left centre and same team as last week. My big hope is Egan is back and fully fit, but we can roll out a good team even if he is still not 100%.
1- RTS
2 - DWZ
3 - Berry
4 - Ali
5 - Pompey
6 - Metcalf
7 -SJ
8 -AFB
9 - Egan
10 - Barny
11 - ford
12 - Capwah
13 - tohu

14 - CHT
15 - Jazz
16 - Bunty
17 - Ale
I feel there is no need to take the risk
The reason why the exemption is in place is they see it being limited risk if the player has no history of concussion and is having no symptoms.

I do generally agree with a safety first approach but think the key is if he has been symptom free from the day after. I wouldn't play him on a short turn around but Friday to Sunday gives plenty of time for testing and reassurance
The fullback question has to be answered by who will plug into the system to do the defensive numbering and yardage work, obviously that's CNK when available, while at the same time we are definitely looking to have more strike in the centres. For a completely left field answer in absence of CNK and Taine has Pomps ever played FB?
Yup CHT touted as an utility and we ended up with Capewah at centre and Monty having a brain explosion lol
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