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I wasn't old enough to really appreciate 2002. One day in 2007 though I watched Wade Mckinnon tear up the Panthers and was along for the ride ever since(off and on from 2018ish though).

Comparing this to 2011...To me this season was so much more enjoyable from week to week. Maybe I'm caught in the moment but the only time I can remember the 2011 Warriors feeling hyped was after the Finals match against the Storm.

Remember how much other sporty shit was happening at the time?
- NZ was hosting the Rugby World Cup
- Sonny Bill had joined the Crusaders and made the finals
- The Breakers won their first NBL championship
- Joseph Parker dominating amatuers and about to turn professional

Before even looking at how good 2023 was, 2011 felt way too busy to appreciate the team imo. Its largely because 2012 and onwards absolutely sucked that I think we look back so fondly.
Seriously off-topic, but the Breakers - and the three season run of titles they had - have always been my Prime Argument against the "the boys have to play at 9.30PM NZT, it's unfair!" argument some Warriors fans use.

Remember we've had the RWC this year as well...Probably helped the Warriors that the All Blacks lost to France, so there was I felt a fair bit of "Shut The Fxxx Up" about rugby union for a while...

But as for 2011, we did lose a few games early, so the hype and positivity machine had nothing to feed on, which it did this year.
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I miss team naming Tuesday already, gonna be a looooong 6 months to next season.

You would imagine that the Warriors will find a way to engage the fans in preseason developments this coming period.

They (and I am sure they get it thanks to the WAHs fever) must realise there is a real thirst for fan interface with the club.

I am sure the young team that they have working for them now at HQ that take care of the media side will throw us lots of bones this year and 2024 before round one.

If they don't they would be pretty stupid.