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Stop Being Shit
Apr 18, 2012
Dunedin, NZ
Melbourne Storm sets sights on Big Apple with Tomahawks clash

April 19, 2012 - 1:45PM

Melbourne Storm officials have confirmed an end-of-season match in the US, likely to be in New York, against the US Tomahawks and hope to field their strongest available line-up.
The NRL premiership favourites are scheduled to play the Tomahawks on October 13, although the match may be moved back a week to avoid a clash between the October 14 Australia-New Zealand Test.
The game, which will help prepare the Tomahawks for the 2013 World Cup, was agreed to after Storm coach Craig Bellamy and football operations general manager Frank Ponissi met with US officials during an off-season visit to New York.

Ponissi said the match would provide a reward for the Storm players after a long and hopefully successful NRL season and also generate publicity in Melbourne at a time when there is no AFL.
"The game provides both the players and the club with some unique opportunities, including playing against an international team - the Melbourne Storm have never played against an international team, let alone a World Cup team," Ponissi said.
"In a non-traditional rugby league city like Melbourne, the publicity that such a game will attract with be of enormous benefit to our club - especially given that the month of October is a non-active period for our game to attract media coverage.
"More importantly, the players are genuinely excited about playing the game and their drive to make this game happen is the most motivating factor for me.
"Without doubt both the USA and New York has an aura about them and this excites the players and coaching staff.
"Such a tour is a fantastic carrot for the players at the end of a long season and genuinely something to look forward to."
The Tomahawks are coached by Sydney Roosters assistant and former Penrith and Canberra mentor Matthew Elliott.
A venue for the match hasn't been confirmed but officials indicated it would either be in New York or nearby Philadelphia.


1st Grade Fringe
Apr 12, 2012
A nice way to promote league in a niche market over in the US.


Stop Being Shit
Apr 18, 2012
Dunedin, NZ
they should hold a preseason tourny there with the top 4 teams playing each other over a week/weekend or something... like the EPL football teams do..

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