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Player Leka Halasima

Full Name
Salumiela Halasima
Date of Birth
Sep 21, 2005
Birth Location
Tofoa, Tonga
  1. 🇹🇴 Tonga
Height (cm)
185 cm
Weight (kg)
100 kg
  1. Second Row
Leka, Junior
Southern Cross Campus
Signed From
Southern Cross Campus
Junior Club/s
Pt Chevalier Pirates, Otahuhu Leopards
Didn’t get to see the game as I scored a free ticket to the AB’s last night.

Really torn as to if I can watch a replay. Love what I’m hearing about Leka and want to see it but losing in golden point will break me

Nah, you know the result so it won't break you as it did so many of us last night 😅

Marvel at us playing like we give a shit and against the odds with multiple injuries mid game, total turnaround in effort from the Titans game.

And yes Leka made himself known, very impressive debut (if only he got the ball to ground would have been perfect 🙏)

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