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He will come on for RTS who will move to fullback when CNK moves to the wing and Montoya to dummy half and Egan to the front row.
Sounds more like one of Browny's plans, at first we mistook them for signs of his genius, but it soon became apparent he was a desperate man with no idea how to coach the modern game. Bit like the new Titans coach.
As previously discussed, Going can't be picked ahead of a Top 30 or Development player until after Round 10 so how can Paul Roache be in the extended squad ahead of Fukofuka (who played last weekend, albeit in Jersey Flegg)?
The rule changed this year I'm pretty sure. Can play anyone from round 1.
The way the game is played now Pompey can still play a role if he gets picked ahead of Zyon Maiu’u.
He can run out of dummy half and is defensively sound enough to play in the backrow.

Comes down to Size (Zyon Maiu’u) vs experience (Pompey and specialization vs utility guy comes off the bench, runs his guts out, makes a bunch of tackles then goes back to the bench while the real back rowers play almost the whole game.

I am on the fence on this one, can see the benefit of using Pompey or Zyon Maiu’u.

I would be happy either way, turning Pompey into a back rower that can fill in at center makes a lot of sense for the make up of the squad.

Websters starting line up could play the full eighty.

The Bench could be used as injury cover only, and they would probably give the Dragons a hiding.

That is the clubs strength with Ford, Capewell, AFB, Egan, Harris, Barnett, they could play an entire game.
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Prediction time again which is not going to happen and will not enhance any betting odds but still is fun to say:

RTS to get a short ball special from Shauny for a try to get the Fox commentators frothing over Tuavarsa Scheck oh oh oh and all that.

Te Marday Martin to set up CNK for a 1 on 1 against their fullback and step right around him for an under the posts long range (55mtrs) try.

DWZ to still take hard carries, scores two tries and gets fourteen thousand online tweets about his glorious flowing locks.

Capewell to benefit from a high bomb by SJ that St. George fail to defuse scoring one of those ugly but we'll take it tries.

Egan to get one of those nobody saw that coming dummy half tries that Kata used to enjoy doing.

Laban to trample Hunt and offload to Berry with the quick hands to DWZ who will get pulled down three out from the line and Fordy to storm onto the short ball from CHT at acting dummy half.

That should be about 208 - 0.

Off to your online betting agencies chaps
Pompey can play in the second row just like Capewell and Marata can play center for QLD and Kiws
Euan Aiken, Brad Parker are other examples of centers moving into the forwards.
With Ali covering center for now and heaps of the props injured it's makes sense.
If Zyons form was good I would pick him but he had to earn that spot
Pompey's earned the jersey imho
Regardless of who the opposition are, we need to play our game. Weather the storm early and slowly grind out the middle. Kick their wingers to death and suffocate them till they crack. When the cracks emerge in the middle, the egan, cnk, SJ combo will carve them up. That's how we murdered souths and how we will slay these dragons. We are the best at dominating field position this year, even better than Penrith according to the stats: