General 2024 NZ Warriors Merchandise

I received a 2024 home jersey for christmas, just over a month later there is a pull occuring at the front, which is forming a hole. I own about 15 warriors jerseys from all different years and this is the first time ive had this happen.
Its only been out 5 weeks, what are they doing to the jersey :ROFLMAO:.

My dynasty jerseys have all been fine, no issues and seems better quality than Puma and CCC to me (but I’m not an avid collector so take that with a grain of salt).
Better than Puma, but the CCC jerseys were real good quality IMO
Not a Warriors jersey, but who wouldn't want to find this in their attic....


With all the other teams releasing their ANZAC jerseys this week, I’m wondering if the rumours stating we will have one as well were false?
I'm wondering if this is just a way of clearing promo stock - as these are not up on the Warriors store or Dynasty.