General Warriors Themed Pub

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Onion Mannerings
Willie Poching (Sausage and egg)
PJ Marsh Potato
Order a drink from the Vince Cellars
Cooper Tuna
Ryan Shortbread
Jesse Royal Cake
James Baloney
Glen Fishiahi
Charlie Grubb
Tofu Harris
Tom Ginger Ale
Berry Smoothie (All Hail, the Berrysiah)
Aaron Pene Pasta
Grant Ravioli
Jerome Ro-pate
Paul Atkins Diet
Herewini Rangi-Hangi
Francis Jelly
Also on the menu

Steaky Jones
Wayde Eggan Chips
Edward Kimchi
Sio Kale
The Big MAC with Onion
Tomato Martin

And all of them sold at a very reasonable Steve Price
Ideally this proposed pub will be close by Mt Smart but it doesn’t need to be and I hope it isn’t since it will be open all year around. One would think they would place it more central for all to enjoy, if the aim is also to increase fan base and awareness etc then tourism hot spots and high foot traffic (not to mention parking, with a sober driver at hand of course) would be more fruitful and public transport heading straight in and out of Mt Smart. Surely they would seriously consider The Viaduct with Kingsland, Mt Eden, Newton, Grafton and Ellerslie as mentioned above as 2nd options but I think Newmarket would be perfect. Lots to consider.

They could option in tours of Mt Smart and player meet and greets after a belly full of burgers and beers. Membership rewards…..the list goes on.

Interesting endeavour to say the least, merchandise for sale, memorabilia and a statue of the Little General sounds befitting.

I don’t really care where it is quite frankly, my jug days are over so no beersies for me and I rarely visit pubs etc these days but I’ll be visiting nonetheless as a fan, maybe AFBs wife can do desserts and keep him here.
Could have player/coach meet and greets for the fans. Would be a great place as well for people to watch the away games and be good to have the other NRL, SoO and test matches too. They could send out the schedule in advance. Call it the Eric What's On.
You know the female toilet could have Princess written on it.
The blokes could have Campion.
And the disabled Matt lodge
Ther must be some woman rl players whose names could be added in to
We have to have 'Alfalfa-Male' salad on the menu....oh the irony....Vegan sandal wearer rabbit food named after 'the incident'