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Warriors 2024/2025 Recruitment & Retention Discussion
key: T = Team option, M = Mutual option, P = Player option, D = Development contract

Confirmed Top 30 2024: 28/30
Confirmed Development 2024: 5/6

Confirmed Top 30 2025: 26/30
Confirmed Development 2025: 1/6

2025 Gains: James Fucking Fisher-Harris baby! (Panthers)
2025 Losses: Addin Fonua-Blake (Sharks)
2025 Off Contract: Shaun Johnson, Jazz Tevaga
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It'll be interesting to see if this gets confirmed. Ben Farr is on an official Development contract for 2024, unlike this guy, and has a similar skillset
That's how I read it. Unsure if that Facebook is reputable though.
Seems odd that he'd been guaranteed to jump Farr before a ball has been kicked in 2024 but maybe that's what it took to get him to Auckland
We seem to have gone from limited halves options as successors to SJ to multiple options in the space of a season or two. Just hope whenever it happens we don’t try the CHT, Keighran and Nikorima scenario again and they fight it out.
Metcalf has hopes to be a #7 so not necessarily the case. Personally I think he's a #6/1. Hopefully SJ's form continues into 2025
Gives me good vibes watching that video of Lussick that SJ was the other player left with him towards the end. Feel like it’s just a matter of keeping his body healthy, good players look like they’ve got all the time in the world and SJ is a fine example of that I reckon.
Metcalf has hopes to be a #7 so not necessarily the case. Personally I think he's a #6/1. Hopefully SJ's form continues into 2025
Guess it would make it unlikely that SJ plays in 2025 then? Just feel if he’s playing well, healthy and we’re pushing for a title he’d play on. But if 2025 means a top 30 of SJ, TMM, Metcalf, Volkman, CHT, Hansen, Farr then it’s unlikely.
I like the way the scenario is heading for AFB, notice on forums many fans are discussing who is worthy of a trade in their rosters since we’ve stated players offered opens negotiations as far as the club is concerned. As it stands it’s sharks, tigers, bulldogs and dragons who we could perhaps see players offered.
Rudolph doesn’t exist to me, I’d go Hunt and Nikora. God knows we’re in need of second rowers. Not convinced on BHU, lots of injuries. Wouldn’t say no though to be fair.
I've got a particular stance on players coming to our club. I don't care about that emotional stuff. It's professional footy. If they provide what we need, and they're willing to at a reasonable price, I'm good with it. RTS and CHT left us at a bad time and nobody begrudged them coming back. In fact CHT does annoy me.

Just took off randomly, with a 50/50 chance of leaving the game forever. Toby reneged on his deal. So what? It's what we get from it that matters. RTS has high standards. I'm sure he will raise his game back to where it needs to be. But is he still an attacking threat? CHT. Had he even touched a footy while he was away?

I'm assuming they both came at under priced amounts. For the risk factor. That makes it ok. A decent enough deal. As would Toby be. At least we know he played finals recently. He's round 1 ready.

I'd love Nikora. Hunt too. But I'm sure Nulla ain't letting them go.

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