Team List Team List Tuesday (2023 Finals Week 2) - Warriors vs Knights

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My Team Revisited

1 C N Klokstad
2 D W Zelezniak
3 R Berry
4 A Pompey
5 M Montoya
6 T M Martin
7 S Johnson/ Volkman
8 A F Blake
9 W Egan
10 B Afoa
11 M Barnett
12 M Niukore
13 T Harris

14 D Walker
15 T Ale
16 J Tavaga
17 J Curran

Warriors v Knights​

  • Referee: Adam Gee
  • Touch Judge: Phil Henderson
  • Touch Judge: David Munro
  • Standby Referee: Gerard Sutton
  • Standby Touch Judge: Jon Stone
  • Bunker Review Official: Grant Atkins
No RV in extended squad. Shaun must be 100% or it’s gonna look like ground hog day for the coaching staff. And still got Jazz over Bunty. Surely that’s gotta change??
No Hastings or Fitzgibbon as predicted. That’s big for us. No volkman makes me think he’s on the outer or done something to piss management off, he’s playing really well, unless SJ def playing - weird one. Same as usual, I’d like afoa in, sironen out, Barnett to the bench. Aside from that, really happy.
Man for man we are better than this Knights side. Their back 5 > our back 5, our halves > their halves, and our forward pack >>> their pack.

Context is the very thing though and if SJ is playing on one leg and can’t contribute then it evens things up massively. Points will come from their edges whereas we should get over them in the middle. Going to be a hell of a contest!
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