International Super League club with close Warriors/Kiwis connection?

Looking at starting to keep track of the Super League, and was wondering which team (currently or not currently in the Super League) has the biggest connection to the Warriors/Kiwis?
Undoubtedly if you want the closest Kiwi connection then it is Wigan, and arguably the closest Warriors connection is also the Wigan 'Warriors'.

They even pinched our name.

Too many links to name with that club, but big names like Graham Lowe, Dean Bell, John Money, Dennis Betts, Andy Platt Sam Tomkins, Frano Botica, Henry Paul all have dual ties to the two Warriors clubs, better mention Kevin Iro.

When I started following Wigan they were coached by Graham West, a former Kiwi international.

Even today Tony Iro is still at Mt Smart and was a beast for Wigan as an ex Union player that got a look in because of brother Kevin and Graham Lowe being coach of Wigan at the time.

I am sure I have left out a bunch of Warriors connections with Wigan, but there is lots more non Warriors Kiwi connections there, people Like Va'aiga Tuigamala.

Who could forget the last signing, cult hero Anthony Gelling who was old and still good for a laugh about the place.

We have a few long time English/ESL league fans on here, Hardyman's Yugo (Not a Wigan supporter) and Wigan Warrior Wigan Warrior.

Those lads do well to remember a lot about this club and their home clubs, I can barely keep up with this lot.

I am a bit of a bandwagon fan nowadays, I back the ESL club that has the most Kiwis or even better former Warriors, and even then I stopped following every game of a chosen club in the ESL when I retired from work, don't ask me how that works, I just found other things to do with all the free time rather than listen to BBC sport radio and watch SKY.
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This picture is hung on a wall in a Wigan town centre boozer, The Raven on Wallgate

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