General Stadium poll

Which stadium is better for the Warriors?

  • Stay at Mount Smart

  • Quay Park Te Tōangaroa stadium

  • Sunken Bledisloe wharf stadium

  • Wynyard Point stadium

  • Upgraded Eden Park

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With Auckland council set to make a decision on Auckland stadiums over the coming months, what’s everyone’s preference?

Quay Park Te Tōangaroa stadium: Doyle backed 50,000 seat stadium bordering Spark arena as a whole entertainment precinct


Bledisloe wharf Sunken stadium: award winning designed 50,000 seat stadium sunk into the harbour on Bledisloe Wharf

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Wynyard point stadium: 55,000 seat rectangular stadium at Wynyard Point with a sports and entertainment precinct encompassing the main stadium, an indoor arena and an outdoor amphitheatre to view harbour events such as Sail GP.



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