NRL NRL Round 1, 2024 Discussion

I think its all a bit silly but whatever- just glad we didnt have to go there.
Cant see it generating much interest tbh although when I was there human nature were selling out concerts for weeks on end so maybe the americans really will watch anything... :unsure:
Farout, didn't even know they were still together

They'll never play Eden Park.

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Just remembered the classic dicussion in "Pulp Fiction" about the metric system - which, of course, is why the dimensions of an NRL and NRL field, while both 100 long, are different.

I'd rather my Royale with Cheese than a stinkin' Quarterpounder any damn day!

“Set the benchmark, set the tone real early”

I’m telling you lot, Im no soothsayer but there’s something massive brewing for us this year…….its something you feel when you know something is on, it’s on.

I’m an ardent believer and reader of the Bible, I wont mention who it is but one of our very own favourite players is in my ward too (quiet in the cheap seats you dirty heathens, I’ll pray for you 😉) and idolatry is a sin but I’m being tested big time after watching this.

Our boys are primed and Webby has got Saviour written all over him.

This is our year, I can’t wait 😤

Y’all can return to this post and clap back if we fail miserably, I’ve got thick skin but faith over fear conquers.

Do they make Warriors ties?? 👔
The whole thing looks more like they are selling Las Vegas to Australians than selling the NRL to Americans.
I wonder how the promotion looks from an American perspective…?
One comment I saw for a YT video for one of the Americans interviewing someone about the upcoming match was along the lines of. "This is embarrassing for the sport, a lot of the people they are interviewing are either drunk or hung over".

That was for a Matty Johns interview. He looked rough as it was one of those interviews since covid where it isn't in a studio we will call you at you home or hotel. So not done up for the cameras like if he was on set. He looked like he'd just woken up.

It would help a bit if they distinguished it a bit from union. I've been hearing Australian Rugby quite a bit.

No diving for the corner post I guess ouch 🤕
The width of a regulation NFL field is 48.8 m. They are managing to get it to 63 m for tomorrows games which is 5m narrower than a regulation league field, but with zero extra space meaning the wingers are going to have to be careful the whole way down the sidelines. The games are probably going to end up dominated up the middle.