Anyone else doing this daily trivia?
Here's my effort from today. Initially was sitting 22nd but have slid down to the 60s. Enjoy it so much I've got back & done all the previous ones too. Got caught out with the post 1998 criteria a couple of times which is 💔
20.4 for me. Was refreshing the page at 9am & briefly sat at #1 (of 3😂).
Wish I'd gone Vete instead of Lowrie for the Warriors/Storm pick
Haha I went Lawrie too. Vete would have been a good shout. I nearly went Kata but rightly thought he never made it on for the Storm
Shit the bed twice today with 221.4!
Trying to be too smart. Damn you & your Premiership Rory Kostjasyn 🤦‍♂️
Might just be my browser but I’ve found it glitchy as?
I'm good at Sudoku & Wordle.

This one..... not so much - got 3/9 correct answers let alone low scoring ones in my first attempt today, so obviously my knowledge of NRL players in general is slightly lacking hah! 😅

Will still bookmark for future attempts (and go back through previous ones), maybe I'll learn something!

EDIT - only got two wrong on my second grid - didn't take notice of my position on leaderboard first time, but got 818 out of 1212 second go around. I like the "no premiership" option cos there's a plethora of obscure Warriors players for those sweet low scores hah!
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Site seems to be working now so was able to hop in and do one, got 31.8 on todays

One thing though..

Maybe I am getting it wrong, but is the implication here that more people picked Nu Brown as a Luke Lewis teammate than picking Mulitala as a Sharks player with 15+ tries?? (tick / brain emojji) I find that hard to believe
Screen Shot 2023-11-13 at 3.46.39 PM.png

Still though, that was quite fun- will have to go through all the others now lol
Tough one today. Crazy how 2 people got a score of 14.9! I think the best option for a Shark with 2+ titles was Jeremy Smith & that was over 8 points in itself! Nafe Seluini was one hell of a pick Billyspleen75 Billyspleen75, I didn't think anyone could better Jarrod Sammut but you did