General NRL 2023 Finals Week 2 - General Discussion - Storm vs Roosters

You mean all that wrestling stuff like we trained up on at the start of this year? 🤣

I agree they push the rules negatively at times but their game is based on fitness, structure, skill and intelligent play.

Not that I’m a fan boy or anything but I respect that more than the Roosters sombrero.
They have also been a team over the years that does all of the little plays like playing to the whistle or diving on loose balls.

It would be great to have had their consistency both on the field and also off the field with the same coach.
Faaark that is a dead crowd for an elimination final on one of the best weather days of the year in Melbourne.
A lot of seats available.

Is it apathy after being successful for so long or less people interested as they haven't got the names of past years. Even though they were off last week it is still a hell of an effort to make it to this stage of the competition.