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Player Mark Carter

Date of Birth
Nov 7, 1968
Birth Location
Auckland, New Zealand
  1. 🇳🇿 New Zealand
Height (cm)
188 cm
Weight (kg)
100 kg
  1. Second Row
Warrior #
Warriors Debut Date
Mar 31, 1996
Warriors Debut Details
March 31 1996, Round 2 vs Illawarra Steelers at Ericsson Stadium, Auckland, New Zealand
Warriors Years Active
  1. 1996
Signed From
Auckland RFU



Mark Carter is a former rugby football player. He represented Auckland in both rugby union and rugby league and represented New Zealand in rugby union. He has a street named after him in South Auckland.

Carter attended Liston College in Henderson, West Auckland.

While playing for Auckland Suburbs, Carter made his rep debut for Auckland 1990.

He played in the 1991 Rugby World Cup.

Carter signed for the Auckland Warriors in the 1996 season and made 8 appearances before returning to the Auckland Blues.

He became the first forward for the Auckland Blues to score three tries in a Super Rugby match, which he did in 1998 while playing the Stormers.

No potential? Why did they recruit him then
Then CEO, Ian Robson had a hard on for signing All Blacks. Probably still riding cloud 9 after all the crazy press he got when he signed John Kirwan. Was massive news in those days as well as Marc Ellis and Frano Botica. Even fought pretty hard to get Matthew Ridge in those early days...

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