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Yeah, I've heard people who started with Valhalla absolutely loved it. But if you are a person that had played Origins and Odyssey previously it just felt like a drag. The world was way less interesting than Greece too. I love base building and a found that side of it really disappointing too.

It is taking so long to release games now, I pine for the days of lesser graphics, but regular releases of quality games. I've found the PS5 a damp squib in that regard. Most of my games come from Steam on PC now. It is so annoying that PS lost the rights to Fallout too. (great TV series too for those who haven't seen it).

I found Hogwarts pretty fun Bangbros. Mostly filler - I'm a completionist and that all got quite repetitive, but the quests were pretty cool and varied.

Atm I am using what little time I have to play Baldur's Gate 3, which has lasted me a few months so far. I love how faithful the gameplay is to the originals, which were some of my favourite games growing up.

Has anyone played Dragon's Dogma II? I was thinking of buying that next.
Yeah games take so long to come out now that if you enjoy one it’s like 5 years before the next instalment where the used to be 1-2 years. Problem I find with that is I go through a few drought periods where nothing interests me then you may get 3 titles come out at the same time.
I find the PS subscription service pretty good to try a few games I may not have otherwise bought
I’ve considered getting that is it worth it?
I’ve actually enjoyed some of the ‘retro’ remasters lately like Alex Kidd, the new streets of rage etc.
I paid $90 so a bit pricey but $50 or less for sure, first chapter is slow to allow for training and it has puzzles along normal game play and boss fights.

Wont make your top 10 but wont be bottom 10 either

I appreciated the animation bro

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