General What do I tell him?

Like my drunk uncle at his 6th wedding used to say "A black eye today saves a broken arm tomorrow"
If you’re speaking to him at all today can you find out how he pulled up after the game? Seemed to grab his calf muscle after scoring his try
Two options:
A) Covering bets on Warriors Top 8 and Penrith to Not Make 4 Straight (if it's an available bet whichever TAB he bets with).
B) Concoct a "My Dear Friend, I am the Death Certificate Man from Nigeria. I have a body in my morgue who has your surname and had a will on his person when he found dead. Please sir I try hard to found the rightful heir to this man's wealth but no luck. So I come to you and I sure you right man. Please forward to me sum of $2000 so you can get wealth and happiness I sure you and loved ones deserve." type email in case it all turns to shit. Of course, if your mate's colleague is known to be sensible with money, $2000 on a $18 betting shot not withstanding, that might not wash with 'er indoors.
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