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Current Affairs Shifting World Opinions - US Double Standards

Not sure it’s about blaming the pop culture/media or whatever, but keeping better tabs on those that don’t have the capacity to acknowledge fact from fiction or perhaps the signs are there of those willing to carry out concerning acts or fantasies. They are in a minority but there is and always will be a concerning part of society. There’s no two ways that pop culture does affect society, just look at the Beatles and the the changes that came after their arrival alone. My example was of a minor playing the particular game and with brains not developed there is the possibility of a lack of understanding for consequences.
Think it’s almost impossible to cater for that 0.0001% (or what ever it is) without negatively impacting on the 99.999% that have no problems.
Hell I and im sure many others played violent games/watched violent movies/listed to explicit music etc under age but never had the Inkling to go on a murder spree, there’s a lot more going on with these people than entertainment they consume
An Interesting Article
“At the same time the US as a member of the Atrocity Crimes Advisory Group for Ukraine started furnishing the ICC with its evidence of war crimes, deploying a team of investigators and prosecutors to assist the Ukrainian prosecutor, general Andriy Kostin, “in documenting, preserving and preparing war crimes cases”. A more comprehensive reversal of congressional attitudes is hard to imagine.

By contrast, after two months of destruction in Gaza, the US state department has said it sees no need to begin any formal internal examination of whether Israel has committed war crimes, even though the weapons it has been using were supplied by the US, and by some counts more civilians were killed in Gaza in two months than were killed in Ukraine more than two years.

Even the news that unguided dumb bombs had been used in almost half of the Israeli strikes, or that the president himself said he feared the bombing was indiscriminate, led the State Department to say it felt the need to conduct a formal investigation into breaches of humanitarian law.

A cursory journey round the world reveals the impact this has had. The US, whether it likes it or not, risks becoming synonymous with double standards.“

To top it off the US refuses to be a part of the ICC because they wanted access TO US military suspected of war crimes. The word is hyproscity.
With it increasingly looking worse that Biden is suffering from dementia whether it be early or advanced, I wonder if there might be some democrat voters give their vote to Nikki Haley?