NRL Podcasts

Just my luck that after I write the longest post ive ever written with links to various podcasts the site goes down 😆

Am looking forward to this weeks pods from the usual producers such as:
- This Warriors Life w/Will, Brad and sometimes Fonzie
- Wahs up with Brother Faisal
- Roo and Hammer
and I certainly know there is more which I will try and get a listen to as well as the week goes on.

I also listen to a lot of mainstream media/radio in pod or clip form such as the SENZ with Running it Straight as well as their morning show with Izzy and Kempy, and Beaver and Kirsty drive show in the arvo. The SEN (aus) guys also produce some good listens.

With that in mind, the interesting one I came across this morning is from the SEN team listening to Scotty Sattler. Ive listened to a bit already and no one is giving us a hope, and being a Penrith man I thought Satts would write us off too but he had an interesting take on it all. So listen in here (from 5:34):

I'll try and share more through the week as I come across them.

Note: I'm not sure if that link will work...Ive faffed around trying to get it embedded but no luck.
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Interesting article in today’s Rag, talking about SENZ losing a heap of money and putting the parent company under financial stress.
Unless the TAB pours in heaps of $$$, SENZ will go the same way as Radio Sport , RIP.
A shame as RL rides high on their agenda.
I saw the article too..
$5 million spent on creating the NZ entity has put the pressure on the cash reserves.
I saw the article too..
$5 million spent on creating the NZ entity has put the pressure on the cash reserves.
Is it the Business Desk article? I tried clicking on it the other day but it's behind a paywall. I hope the Australian parent company is in it for the long haul as its great having it on in the background when I'm doing stuff - always like the evening league shows.

And for those who like the test matches playing in the background while they are out in the shed/garden SENZ secured the radio rights to all NZ Cricket matches for four years.
Rugby Union rather than League but the latest What a Lad podcast with Shane Christie is heavy & worthwhile to get a better understanding of how concussion effects some players. Charlie Gubb had a crack up poddy on there a couple weeks back too
Times are tough when the Warriors podcasts haven't brought themselves to record this week yet. I feel your pain, I couldn't even consider listening to one until today.
Does anyone put themselves through listening to Warriors Waffle podcast? Has to be some of the worst takes on rugby league I have ever heard.

It's just a 'hate listen' at this point....