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Just saw this interesting clip that indicated PNG made end up being the 18th team in the NRL for political reasons as a way of trying to limit China's influence in the nation - I'm not convinced but it is an interesting concept
Living in PNG for a number of years, this rumour has always been around in one form or another.
The Chinese deterrent is now very strong, especially with the Americans.
Security will be the biggest challenge for first grade teams in Port Moresby but the venues do exist.
I actually believe political expediency could path the way for something almost unthinkable a few years ago.
Maybe the team would train in Cairns.
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Oh my Berry, surely I am not the only one sick of hearing the Bears coming up with every prosepective expansion location


Might be an unpopular opinion here, but I think Perth should be the 18th team, it's a big market (even if not necessarily a League one) and adds an extra time slot to sell..

*Give a Pirates or Reds team two years to build up, not just one.
*Get a NZ equivalent to the NSW Cup off the ground (With the AusRL's support, maybe get the Kaiviti Silktails to switch over)
*Give more support to the Hunters in the Q-Cup, get them closer to an NRL set-up
*Down the line, then start looking at adding a team and Christchurch, and a Pasifika/PNG team in Cairns, Darwin, Port Moresby, or Suva.

All far easier said than done, but that's my two cents
I think the NRL have to work out what is the ideal number of teams and work back from there. It’s no use just growing when a team wants in (I believe there is always enough players if you enforce spreading them evenly.)

I think it boils down to what the Broadcasters will pay and does an extra team add more income to the game that the extra team cost (keep growing) or less income (to many teams).

Do they ultimately aim for around 24 teams with playing each opposition only once? Long term add 7 or so teams - Christchurch, Perth, PNG/ Pacific, Adelaide, central coast, push into Asia? etc

Do they look to split the teams into 2 x 12 or so team divisions with a home and away against each team during the season and with promotion relegation?
Oh my Berry, surely I am not the only one sick of hearing the Bears coming up with every prosepective expansion location
They were one of the clubs that could really have a gripe with the Murdoch family getting into the game.
They were an original NSWRL side from 1908.
They were and still are financially sound, they just happened to be in the middle of yawnion territory.
So they got dumped and Manly who are not that wealthy, and have a shite ground were preferred.
It was more complex than that, some dickhead had the brilliant idea of joining them together.
Christchurch are going to have a brand new stadium, the only thing they need is a loyal fan base.
My guess is that if Norths were interested they would do their homework, they usually do.