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A question for the dinosaur trainspotters.
Way back in the 60s there was a surfing movie. I am sure this song was in it. So I google and all I could find was some other fecker asking the same we must have seen the same movie.
Graham Nash, from the Holies and Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, will be in Auckland on 1 March and Christchurch on 3 March.

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That will teach me for not reading the article properly.
We are laughing with you brother...hell of a story.

I hear he is a really nice guy and a fantastic raconteur. Should be a good show.

Noel Casler who makes a living telling stories about his time as stage manager for the Apprentice used to be the stage manager for Crosby Stills and Nash. He speaks very warmly of Nash.

Graham Gouldman, the jewish kid from Manchester who wrote a few songs for the Hollies when they started does a lot of small,shows, still has what it takes, because he was with 10cc after that.

I drank myself into oblivion after the Penrith game with bottle of triple malt I bought to celebrate the grand final. Woke up in the lounge in a puddle of piss and vomit, my wife said "Who do you think you are, fecken Shane McGowan? Grow up, and put that disgusting fukn jersey in the wash, and pick up all those tissues."

Oh whiskey, the measure of my dreams -Finnegan, Finnegan's Wake.