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Just as bad if you ask me but nothing happened to the golden boy.

The Dolphins have been rocked by an anti-tampering scandal with the new franchise fined $25,000 by the NRL for inducing Broncos centre Deine Mariner to break his contract.

In a bombshell development that will rock the code, the NRL has sanctioned the Dolphins and Mariner’s agent with a suspended 12-month ban for attempting to poach the young-gun centre from Brisbane while still under contract.

It is an unprecedented move by the NRL and a warning shot to all 17 clubs that inducing players to break their existing contracts will not be tolerated.

The NRL has slapped the Dolphins with a $50,000 fine - $25,000 of which is suspended - while Mariner’s manager Dixon McIver has been put on notice for his role in the contract affair that has seen Brisbane’s expansion feud explode.

It is a terrible look for a Dolphins club that is in its foundation season in the NRL.

As revealed by this masthead last year, the Broncos had lodged a complaint with the NRL integrity unit alleging the Dolphins of meeting with Mariner and his manager to join the expansion rivals.

Mariner dropped a bombshell on Brisbane by suddenly asking for a release despite being contracted to the Broncos until the end of 2024.

The Dolphins denied any wrongdoing at the time, but the NRL has delivered its verdict after a nine-month investigation.

The statement reads: “The NRL today issued the Dolphins with a breach notice following an investigation into the conduct of Dolphins Club Officials and an Accredited Player Agent.

“The breach notice alleges a failure by the Club to comply with the record keeping provisions of the PCR rules.

“The notice proposes a $50,000 financial penalty (50% suspended) for the Club.
They seemed to be sailing close to the wind last year when they were trying to get their squad together. There were comments about how some clubs weren't happy with them and some of their tactics.

Now that they have a squad the sympathy for being in a rush to get off the ground will be gone.

It doesn't name any names from the Dolphins but O'Sullivan does push the rules a bit. Even after being punished for his role with the Storm.
Walsh shouldn’t have responded but kids also need to learn they can’t say what the like to anyone and then cry foul when the get a response.
”The teen was visibly shaken” is a bit precious, keep your mouth shut and you wouldn’t be in that position
Vlandys wants to make him the face of the NRL and market him to the world.

He's already been in trouble for drugs one off season, then issues with the referees this year.

Maybe he is cut out to be the face of the NRL. Remember there was that period where whoever they would use in the marketing would get into trouble. Maybe they want to bring that tradition back.