Post Match [NRL 2023, Round 27] Dolphins Vs Warriors

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TMM is one of my favourites, but struth the rust is real. Hopefully he is better for the run because that was a tough watch.

Curran was in everything, best on ground for the Warriors absolutely tireless effort from him in a beaten side.

Almost 40mins for Going, great debut for him looked every bit a first grader.
Worse than I was predicting.

Even just AFB playing probably makes it a much closer game.

Here's hoping TMM is better for the run - he will need to be.

Thought the subbing of Bunty for Siro early was perplexing when it seemed another middle like Ale would have been better.

Niukore HIA and Curran limping around probably the only concern.

Onto the next, fizzing already for next week. Comp starts again!
Sorry, I think I jinxed this game by giving it an A+ earlier this afternoon 😅

Although it is a lower grade team in essence, the missed tackles keeping up with the points scored against still the most disappointing thing after a year of defensiveness.

Oh well bring on next week FINALS BABY!
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