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To paraphrase Ian Malcolm: from Lost World: Jurassic Park: Not selecting Bennett is the worst idea in the long, sad history of bad ideas by the NZRL.

I approve of the perfect use of this reference, very much so

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Bluey had a poor record in the NRL, so did Kearney. Both had plenty of international success so no reason why Stacey can't emulate that.
Wayne Bennett is the GOAT NRL coach but is in his 70's, a Kiwis job would unlikely be his top priority and he's actually lost his last 5 Tests. View attachment 5243
Bennett coached England via remote control.

He was heavily reliant on his UK staff to act as his eyes on the ground.

That would have not been as much of an issue if any at all in NRL circumstance.

I would have enjoyed Wayne's sour, dour, hour with the press.

Just gonna say it, we fucked up, again....sigh....but Stacey deserves his shot so yeah all in, long be his Reign, first of his name, lord of the seven is a teaser for you all.....what if Stacey can resurrect the dead Kiwis career of Johnson Snow?

Would that tip the balance?

Hell yeah.
Interesting comments on the One Take podcast regarding rumors of players not currently in the Kiwis side, wanting to commit to NZ if Stacy Jones got the job. Any thoughts on who they might have been talking about?
I reckon RTS will play for Samoa
My first thought was AFB but think he is rock solid with Tonga.
Respectfully Tohu and SJ might have had their time in the black jumper just in term of age and injuries with regards to Tohu.
Will be interesting to see RTS decision for sure.