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May 7, 2012
All I care about is that we beat these Covid bastards.
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I dream of the blackcaps winning the world cup
Mar 17, 2018
Jacob Oram was quite impressive as a radio commentator today
"A Seam bowlers weapons are multiple with pace being only one of them. There is:
Seam movement, swing, bounce, knowledge of angles on the crease, ability to change pace, accuracy. and the ability to be consistently accurate to wear a batsman down".


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Jan 2, 2013
This is an amazing time in NZ Cricket. We have never had so much depth in the 3 types of game. We may be missing a true opening bat and dominant Spinner but Santner and Blundell do OK.

Over time usually we have 8 to 9 good players and had to plan around the others. I believe that is why the BCs execute game plans so well.

Williamson we know about, Jameison has a bit of Joel Garner about him, will have to see how he goes on international pitches. He has made every post a winner so far.
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