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Great start, but we still need Phillips to be on his game in this innings. Otherwise we only have two contributing bowlers who will tire and allow these two attacking batsmen some ascendancy.
Interested to see the keeper up for the quicks
I haven’t been able to watch the games in the morning, just catch some of the end of the day.

Are they able to get swing and is it hostile to batters in the morning sessions?
Marsh is the one I want out. Can change the game quick the way he plays.

If we get him out with more than 120 runs to get I think we'll get home. But yeah if he's there after lunch it will be dangerous.

Also, they showed that we've only beaten Australia in a test like 10 times total. TOTAL.

Man, seeing this team run around the last 5 or 6 years have really masked how piss poor NZ cricket have been for decades....
Why is Southee so reluctant to bowl Phillips, aka the one with the golden arm?!

This is starting to feel like the second half on Friday night 🥴