Social A thank you note to the hackers 😜

    Nobody is reading this thread right now.
I would like to personally thank the hackers for cleansing the site. My sins of the past have been washed away. All +14K posts bhahahaha . 😂 😂 😂

Clearly I must love this place. And all you karnts. The grumpy ones. Yeah you Bruce Bruce The scary ones, yeah you MrFrankWhite MrFrankWhite . The ones with ref fetishes Inruin inruin . The new guys who haven’t been here long Wrighty . Bhahahahaha. The emotionally charged one sup42 . The ones who put all this together tajhay tajhay , the other guy who banned me I don’t know how many times mt.wellington mt.wellington … there’s a long list …

Anyway, it’s a rebirth. Everyone is new again. A clean slate. New friendships made. Old friendships reconnected. Bigger, better, stronger…

So thank you again hackers (yah wankers ) and Up the WAHS!!!

PS I got no money so please don’t hack my computer. 😊 😉 😢 😂

Karnt regards,
Beastmode aka Malcolm 😉