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all I know is that i got seats at the 50m line in the upper eastern stand during the general sale and I’m gonna feel mighty smug that some 20 year DIE HARD LOYAL TO THE DEATH fan is sitting in the cheap seats SEEEETHING at the sight of me 😂😂😂😂😂
I got better seats than you

Enjoy doing your mexican wave's!
Can someone please provide a link which says that members of another club will get to purchase their regular season seats for a finals game because I’ve just looked at a few of the opposition clubs sites and while some don’t mention benefits for next season, those that do only say about priority sales periods and not being allowed to buy your regular seats for finals games.
Look at your own post #301
And how do you know that a bandwagonner is in your seat? How do you know it’s not another member? One of the teams friends or family? A club sponsor who has contributed value more in monetary value than you have?

When you brought your season memberships for the last twenty years, you agreed that you would only get the opportunity to buy seats as a priority to a finals game… not to buy your regular season seats. You can’t expect the club to change the terms you agreed with when you purchased your membership because you‘re having a sulk.
None of us are arguing contractual rights - it’s all about rewarding loyalty

I’d hate to work for a guy like you. Having worked for you for 20 odd years I run out of my sick leave for the first time and need one extra day and you’re the type of guy to tell me to fuck off as it’s not in the employment contract.
Look at your own post #301
And this is from the same forum page where members are complaining that they weren’t able to buy their regular seats… but don’t let that interrupt your sulk….

Buying your seats for playoffs has been a sales point in previous memberships drives & the NRL communications references some clubs having the ability to do so for some clubs to do same seat redemption. Why shouldn't Warriors season members.

I know personally I just renew my seats without reading the T&Cs and inclusions.

You're not a season member so not sure what you're trying to achieve by pointing this out at all?
The Warriors themselves admit the ticketing process disadvantaged season members.

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