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this is my squad. No one in here is an URGENT sell. Mikaele was a risk, and had an average score last week but I had a plan & im sticking to it. I could easily swap him for wishart, but Mikaele plays 13, will get more mins with cotter out over origin so I have to stick to it.

Atkinson is still making money. Hughes is a serviceable round 13 mid. Fainu is fantastic for byes, and his dpp is very valuable. He’s not making money, but he has value.

I need to trade cotter & Crichton out, so that’s another two trades I need to make, leaving me with 13 left. I also want to buy back Crichton in round 20, that’s 11 left. Mikaele, Atkinson, fainu, strange, weekes, koula, may, Galvin, Iro are not players I want in my final 17 post round 20. That’s another 9 trades, leaving me with 2 remaining + the 8 we get given. And that’s not even counting the injuries/suspensions/random droppings that are guaranteed to occur over this next 8 week period. You can start to see how careful you need to be with trades, as by round 20-22, you need to be essentially set up for the run home, leaving the remaining 6-8 trades exclusively for injuries because they will happen & you can’t have 600k+ players sitting idle on your emergencies, or else you’ll fall behind, very quickly.
The players I’m buying now on, are either bye relevant keepers or cashies. I’m not buying mid rangers that have weak job security (faalogo, matterson, Waddell, luki), that’s not 1 trade, that’s two trades, when you need to get rid of them again. I bought koula, because he has a large runway & has huge upside, but at the end of the day I had to be ok that it was TWO trades, when turbo returns. Of my 21 players, grant, carrigan, Aitken, hynes, Garrick, and brown (maybe), are keepers. That’s 6/21. Crichton is a keeper, but I’m trading him.

Hope this helps
Yeah. I think I might just make the one trade this week. Helps origin and might make money. I can look at trading next week.
tyrael tyrael If I were you I'd hold for now.

Re assess round 13 but hopefully you can hold out until after origin 1.

See who's playing/backing up after, who's not, injuries so forth may get lucky and get a few options then.
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