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Mar 30, 2012
A new season starts again this year, again with renewed hope that we will do better than the year before. New signings, new coach, younger players more experienced, etc, etc.

What is everyones wishlist for what they want to see with the Warriors this year. As the year progresses lets see how much of this comes true. I would like to see improvements in the following areas.

  • Set plays / creativity. Set plays are fairly rare now in the NRL, but i love to see how structured teams like Storm/Cowboys get to work with an end goal in mind. You see the Taumalolo powerful runs bending the lines, and with the defence still rushing back Thurston moves/moves the ball wide to expose the opposition. We currently play very boring football. Please be the innovators rather than the followers.
  • Last tackle options. Possibly my biggest grievence with how we play. We did improve a bit in working the ball into the ingoal for a repeat set, but our kicks in general were fairly poor. Some basic errors were made, and hopefully Foran is able to rectify that by providing us another option.
  • Mentality. Opposition gets two tries infront early on in the game and we lose touch mentally. Opposition gets ahead by a couple of tries and chances are that the team will lose their minds and the game from there on in. Other teams graft back in, the Warriors try low percentage plays (and whilst when it comes off it does look pretty - mostly courtesy off Shaun Johnson magic), to get back in the game. We are soft mentally.
  • Dumb penalties. Sure we dont often get the rub of the green with the refs, but neither do we help outselves by giving the most ridiculous of penalties.
  • Wingers getting beaten on the outside because they are far too in. Stay on the wing and trust your man.
  • Win the first game of the season (please!)
  • Be better prepared for golden point. We looked clueless at times out there.
  • Support the coach/es, trust the system. Would like to see complete buy in from the player group on whatever Kearney tries to do. Sick of the chopping anc changing of coaches. Players to stop liking/retweeting moronic social media posts criticising the club/coach. Please be responsible on Social Media or atleast go private if you want to be a retard.
  • Make the 8! Make the fans believers again after squandering chances of making the 8 over and over and over again.
Please add yours.

the borg

1st Grade Fringe
Jun 8, 2015
Win the f $#@(=g premiership for FS .. been waiting 20+ years ... dont know how my missus can handle my yearly slump of NRL depression ... at least would like to go to the grave with a smile on my face


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May 7, 2012
I expect there will be a lot of blood on the floor by seasons end, I expect an outcry for Sacking Kearney both Fan and media Generated.

My wish is that the management go on the offensive in Support of the coach.

If you look at the Original post (pretty much a recipe for waking the sleeping Giant and winning the comp) coach could implement all of that in one season-a rappid change agent like Daniel Anderson managed it in two seasons.

That being said there is nothing wrong with wishing all those things this year.

My wish list is short but hard to achieve none the less.

This year I wish to see all three Warrior grade sides become the top four defensive sides in their respective competitions.

I also wish all three grades clock up running meters that have them in the top four.

That is it.
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