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  1. Simon Mannering

  2. Adam Blair

  3. Shaun Johnson

  4. Tohu Harris

  5. David Fusitua

  6. Solomone Kata

  7. Leivaha Pulu

  8. Manaia Cherrington

  9. Sam Lisone

  10. Albert Vete

  11. Zac Santo

  12. Ken Maumalo

  13. Mason Lino

  14. Roger Tuivasa-Sheck

  15. Blake Ayshford

  16. Issac Luke

  17. Nathaniel Roache

  18. James Gavet

  19. Jazz Tevaga

  20. Ligi Sao

  21. Bunty Afoa

  22. Ata Hingano

  23. Isaiah Papalii

  24. Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad

  25. Chris Satae

  26. James Bell

  27. Peta Hiku

  28. Gerard Beale

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  1. WellingtonOrca
    Aug 14, 2012

    WellingtonOrca 1st Grade Fringe

  2. AusWarriorsFan
    Sep 4, 2016

    AusWarriorsFan 1st Grade Fringe

    Id have bought Pearce and played Johnson at 6. Look at Johnson as a 7, hes pretty awful, so we have to have a 6 who can do a 7s job. Compare Jones to Johnson stat wise and Johnson looks like someone who wouldnt make the Hornets. So with reverse logic that the warriors are running i agree Lino for Green, Hingano for Johnson. but why did we never just say to SJohnson, ur a s...t 7, play 6, then hire a quality 7? You need a bloke who pushes the pack around and calls all the plays, Johnson is way too meek and couldnt push tinker bell over.

    How is Isaiiah? Key to me. Awesome game 1, MoM. Our young forwards along with our experienced players are no long fat and lazy. We have Harris who can match it with Mannering but add tackle breaks and offlloads. And we have fitter forward pack in general.
  3. SJ's on Fire
    Nov 1, 2016

    SJ's on Fire Warriors Bench Player

    Don't know what you've been watching mate but SJ has just produced two awesome performances. Sure he's hasn't been in world class form and been battling with some mental demons after that dreaded injury but he looks to be on the right path to getting back to his game-breaking best! And I reckon Greeny's been brought in to help "push the pack around" and therefore take that organising pressure of SJ so he can unleash the magic. Whatever number they are wearing, if the wins keep ticking I'll be happy that's for sure.
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  4. Defence
    May 9, 2012

    Defence 1st Grade Fringe

    Which stats are those?
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  5. mt.wellington
    Jun 21, 2012

    mt.wellington Warriors Orange Peeler Contributor

    So with news that Simon Mannering is likely to be back from injury for the Roosters game how do you see the team being selected. Even more interesting is where Beale fits into this squad. If he plays bench utility does that mean Karl Lawton stays in ISP?

    1. Roger Tuivasa-Sheck
    2. David Fusitua
    3. Gerard Beale
    4. Solomone Kata
    5. Ken Maumalo
    6. Blake Green
    7. Shaun Johnson
    8. James Gavet
    9. Issac Luke
    10. Adam Blair
    11. Leivaha Pulu
    12. Tohu Harris
    13. Simon Mannering

    14. Karl Lawton
    15. Bunty Afoa
    16. Sam Lisone
    17. Ligi Sao

    For mine I believe Peta Hiku is too much of a defensive liability. Something he really needs to work on but thats what ISP is for.

    Karl Lawton is a step above Sam Cook and Jazz Tevaga in attacking stakes. Defence isn't bad but I believe Jazz has the better workrate there. Thing is with Lawton is he covers hooker, both halves and centre.

    Hardest thing is finding a place for Isaiah Papalii but no one else currently deserves to dropped...
  6. mrblonde
    Apr 14, 2012

    mrblonde 1st Grade Fringe

    I've always been a fan of the utility wearing the 14. I was a big fan of Lance Hohaia because he could if need be step into one of several positions - fullback, centre, five-eighth, hooker, I think he even did a bit at wing - and acquit himself well doing so. As in "yeah, we'd rather Brent hadn't broken his leg, but Lance got in there and did the job well and we know he'll do that until Brent comes back when Lance will find himself back on the bench". The "jack of all trades, master of none" criticism he got pissed me off.

    So, to that end, if Lawton can cover multiple positions so that in a game situation he can fill in for the injured wing/centre/half and not be a liability doing so then if he's available and I'm SK, he's getting that 14 jersey.

    Of course, you have to factor in how much gametime Lawton gets if A Luke's an 80m player and B No-one breaks anything. Lawton might end up spending a lot of time on the pine and get bored and start looking for another team as a result, but that's a situation I'd gladly have.
  7. AlexM
    Feb 19, 2017

    AlexM 1st Grade Fringe

    Because Luke is playing 80 mins I would put Hiku at 14.
    The risk is we have lots of backline cover RTS, Beale, Hiku, Fus can all cover wing center and fb.
    Harris and Mannering can even cover centre.
    The forwards are all fairly multi positional too , most being able to cover prop ,lock and second row
    The number 9 is really where we need cover so if lawtons any good he would be my choice , obviously Roache is gone.
    But it's between Sam and Jazz.
    Jazz is handy because he is an extra running body , Sam is only really handy if we need a 9 or 5/8
  8. matiunz
    Jul 15, 2013

    matiunz Warriors 1st Grader Contributor

    Lawton is still a bit of an unknown quantity in the Warriors system- Cooke and Jazz are a bit meh for mine and haven’t really made much of an impact so likely to give him a shot when he’s fit

    At this stage on current form on 2/3 of Hiku,Beale and Maumalo make the backline all have pros and cons
    Maumalo has pleasantly surprised me this season, first game a bit shaky but the next 2 barely put a foot wrong and has the point of difference with his power. Maybe might just have had the early Manu syndrome too?
    Beales the unknown quantity at the moment, the “safe” wing/centre option, won’t win you a game but unlikely to lose you one either.
    Hiku is probably in the most danger, his defence just isn’t up to it at present but he’s forming a good combo with Fus and Tohu and has some real footy smarts- is it enough though?

    Forwards a similar (good) problem
    1of Vete/Lisone
    And 1 of Paasi/Sao/Papali’i
    Lisone hasn’t done anything to deserve being dropped this season yet so Vete comes in for injury or suspension.
    Paasi didn’t impress me so he drops to the back of the pack and Papali’i to get fitness back in isp once he’s healed, until then it’s Sao.

    It’s a good problem to have the depth we do at present.
  9. playdaball
    Apr 23, 2012

    playdaball Heritage Member

  10. Sup42
    May 7, 2012

    Sup42 "Dave"

    * Moved from the Roosters thread.

    In retrospect:

    A lot of good talk around our backline.

    But for me it is the forwards where shit gets tricky if all options end up fit / come into the equation.

    As of right now I would rate the forwards in this order ( this is not Just a list of form...I'm talking overall importance too).

    1. Isaac Luke. His defence, try saving tackles included must be number one in the comp of all Hookers.

    Luke and Johnson could barely run after a pounding from the Ref assisted Giant Raider Pack....Luke's ability to switch to muscle up and scramble mode is worth ....well there is a saying a try saved is worth a try scored....that would be 2 or three per game minimum.

    Then you will see Luke switch to attack mode, when we need it late, as the opposition's fuel tank goes smell of an oily rag mode.

    2. Tohu Harris. Not a hard could make an argument for top forward....his talent is outrageous. He is a beast both sides of the ball.

    3. Bunty Afoa. We all wanted a big Prop...we got a Ryan James type prodigy instead. He leads our go forward and makes space available for 12 other guys to do their thing...without him the counter punch of the Warriors lessens considerably.

    4. Simon Mannering. Ok so he hasn't played a second...but I am loath to forget what this man is capable of as a premier defensive forward and Warrior all timer...even the spectre of his possible availability brings an assurance of 100 % effort win lose or draw...we have no one like that.
    All fine and well getting excited by the young bucks just now.....but consider this....when we do hit a slump...who in this team do we turn to for stability ?

    Who never...almost never...has a bad game ?

    4. PAPALI'I an absolute bolter but when I stack up the three qualities like in a back row forward he has a) Endurance and awareness both sides of the ball b) Ball playing c) foot speed / footwork I.e. skill and talent. He's more Mannering than Tohu...but he's young and those are big Raps for anyone.

    5. James Gavet. Committed to the dirty work. No one wants to be in this player role ( no one that isn't brain damaged or psychologically mental...I used to like it so that's proof enough of my argument). Gavet has been winning ruck contests with ball in hand longer than Bunty....Gavet doesn't have the sweet off the bench impact he would be afforded for other NRL teams ( there is proof of a process right here - with the way Gavet is used....our biggest mongrel is a grunt....not a star role).

    6. Adam Blair. If we didn't have so many good defenders ( Mannering great, Tohu excellent) then Blair (excellent) would be several places higher. His leadership and IN bred hearty genes make him one tough staunch asshole. Blair's leadership and experience probably should see his usefulness rated more highly...but now that Bully Tohu SJ Green...and Captain inspirational are standing up we have a command structure....which Blair is part of rather than central to.

    7. Ligi Sao. Grunt. Every team needs one. Runs harder and hits harder than the overrated forwards we sacked.
    Guys like Ligi go unnoticed till they pop a ball which sees Tohu destroy Canberra's edge.

    8. Sam Lisone. Specialist role similar to Lance Hohaia's utility days...just when the opposition is most vulnerable...Lisone is injected for superior attack speed. Our fastest Prop and 2nd fastest forward behind Lawton. This man's role is summed up in one word - impact.

    9. Pulu. Very good player....very tough balanced guy who we will need as a utility forward / switch option during live play when people get taken out.

    The left overs are where it gets really confusing if ever all players are going well in that pack.


    Wouldn't be nice to keep them all long term ?

    The rate of attrition means this post is pointless at the end of the day thanks for reading lol.
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