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May 13, 2012
Who collects Warriors merchandise?? I'll post a picture of my room sometime this week. :-D


Negative Nancy
Mar 30, 2012
i would hazard a guess that warriors_ballboy warriors_ballboy collection of memorabilia would be bloody impressive. Is there something warriors related he doesnt own?


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May 18, 2012
I have an old Auckland warriors cup that I stick everybodys tooth brush in.bash it into the kids minds.thats the team you support when they see it every door has a warriors dog collar for his dog taking it a bit far for mine


I have a steedan footy from the earlier years signed by Kearny Mann and Okesene. Offered it to the butchs museum but they're keen only if I take it to them. Never get out that way so it stays!
Also proud owner of a 2004 and 2009 season tickets. When times are really bad I pull them out to remind me it doesn't get much worse than that.

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