Who will partner SJ in 2022?

  • Chanel Harris-Tavita

  • Kodi Nikorima

  • Ash Taylor

  • Other - explain why in the thread

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1. Walsh (FB ) plays both sides
2. Montoya ( wing speed?)
3.Pompey ( potential strike cntr)
4.Berry ( Potential strike cntr)
5.Dallin Watene-Zelezniak ( speed , yardage)

6.Chanel Harris-Tavita ( plays 1 side)
7.Johnson ( plays one side , kicks dominant)

8.Addin Fonua-Blake ( alpha)
9.Egan ( hooker)
10.Lodge ( enforcer)
11.Aitken ( defence , runs a good line)
12.Curren ( defence , rubs a good line)
13.Tohu Harris (C) ( mr fix it , link )

14.Kodi ( specialist 14 ) covers 9 halves and backs
15.Ben Murdoch-Masila ( impact forward plays as properly or second row)
16.Afoa ( int. prop)
17.Pene ( int. Prop)

That's my full strength 17. It's hard to not choose guys like Jazz and Katoa , but I'm sure they'll get plenty of games regardless.
My round 1 teams a bit iffier.

1. Dallin Watene-Zelezniak

7.Shaun Johnson ( C)

8.Addin Fonua-Blake

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Long live the Rainbows and Butterflies
Is this definitive confirmation Addin Fonua-Blake is now vaccinated? 🎉:

And while other clubs have had issues convincing players to be vaccinated against COVID-19, the Warriors have had no such issues, Brown adds.’

the article defn quote Brownie as saying all are vacced. this is great news.
With 4 NRL quality halves for 2022 the big question is, who will partner Shaun Johnson for the majority of this year in our top team?

I could build a case for all 3 but can’t be certain of anyone.

Crowd source it and see if the combined brains of this website will get it right!
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Kodi should be fired into the sun with a one way ticket for his poor 2021 form.
In 2020 he was quite good. Fell of a cliff in 2021 and it was the opposite of going from strength to strength. Perhaps I can introduce the expression going from nadir to nadir.
No way he should be entertained as anything other than a depth player this year who only gets games when we are injury depleted. If he redeems himself in some of those injury replacement games then give him more games.
Do not under any circumstances start the season with him regardless of how good he looks on the training field running around pylons and playing touch rugby league where he lines up against Ed Kosi as his defensive opponent.
Hard No on Kodi.
Strongly prefer Ash Taylor to be our guy. With Chanel Harris-Tavita being our 1st drop.