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da mad maori

Anybody can explain how to get this blasted printer connected and going. It an Epson Stylus C2OUX. Belongs to the computer and aint got disc's or anything of that nature. [not that I know what a disc does]
In plain, simple english please
Sounds like the Bendix spring on the starter is stuck... give it a few good whacks with a hammer. If that doesn`t work get a bigger hammer.
I've taught you well my friend. I was looking for the manifold.
That particular model doesn`t have a manifold... no exhaust system at all on that baby, just suction.
Whole thing is probably about 4 years old. Got a scanner as well but that will come later.
usb stands for u son of a .... helps to know computer lingo properly.
Thanks for your fella's help. Much appreciated...BUT, going to get da pakeha around to connect it up. At least I got a green light flashing, and theres a red one flashing too. Thanks again.
Red light means stop for fish and chips. Red lights .....well I don't think I have to explain that one cuz
I meant Green light for fish and chips...Lol

Hey Trev it will not let me edit my post.
lol, is there any ink in it ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
course there is aye Trev, you wouldn't forget to look at something like that ;)

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