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A Canterbury rugby league legend, known at his club simply as 'The Godfather', has died suddenly during a training session on the eve of his 300th and final match.

Linwood Rugby League Football Club stalwart Marsden Mateni Tuli, 42, who was known as Teni, collapsed during training on Tuesday night.

He had just told teammates that his 300th game on Saturday would be his last.
Man what a loss, Teni was a good Man, quiet, humble, respectful and you couldnt find a man to say a bad word about him.
He was great player, he may not have got to play NRL but he really could play, 299 Club Premier games, Legend..

RIP Brother..KEA KAHA.
I was wondering why this hadn't been posted anywhere- must've missed it.
I didn't know Teni but knew who he was- everyone did.
Played against him once and grew up playing with and against his brother Noel ( well I always assumed they were brothers OMG OMG?) he was a powerhouse too.
A legend in chch- 300 games is some effort.
Judging by Facebook his life's been well celebrated in the last week.....
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