General Would you guys eat this Cheese


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May 15, 2012
Its called Casu Marzu and its a cheese which originates from the Italian Island of Sardinia

Its a beautiful cheese, full of nutritious protein .

We could make it in NZ, because its made out of sheep milk. And NZ has lots of sheep.
Our Factory would need to be near a landfill as one of the main ingredients is MAGGOTS.
We need lots of Flies .:eek:

It is a delicacy on the Italian Island of Sardinia and I think my fellow Kiwis would like it :)
To eat with their Sauvignon Blanc

See the video.. What do you reckon. Would you eat some Casu Marzu maggot cheese.

Would Fonterra help us make this ?

Below are two Videos.. The last one shows the manufacture of Casu Marzu in Sardinia
and the last 2 minutes show TV Chef Gordan Ramsey trying some.

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