General Will the Warriors make the 8?

Will the Warriors make the 8?

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We have 36 points on the Tigers. That could easily be wiped out this weekend if we lose to the Broncos and the Tigers get their act together against Penrith.

I'd back that PD to be wiped out this weekend. 20 point loss to the Broncos, combined with even a 10 point win for the Tigers and we're suddenly on par.
Broncos will play well but I believe we have the faith to go over the top in this game. My only concern is Manu's injury because if he goes off then what......

Still believe this game will be won by us convincingly. Anyone know off by hand how we perform on a friday night?
I beleive we will win this and Bluey will have the season defining shift in his players heads that will propel them to win the Majority of their remaining games may even make fourth.

I honestly believe if they beat the Broncos they will have even more confidence than they had for the late run last year......a narrow loss will help....but i recon a win will be like a vaccine for their mental problems.....Its the one thing missing this year....... a Win over a Storm or A Brisbane...or A Manly team will fix the top two inches at the right end of the season.
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Not trolling Buddy and with a name like Numbnutz me thinks you might be the stupid one,
reasoning=we only play 3 current top 8 teams and have been under strength all season, we are just about to have our best team on the park for the first time this season. Cowboys and Broncs will be tough away games but we usually play pretty well in Brissy and way overdue for a good win in Townsville, Titans game is coming off the back of Origin so there will be some sore bodies and they are starting to have injury worries in their spine,the Manly game is going to be like a home game, I hope they travel early for it but the weather is very Auckland like here at the moment, if we come through those relatively injury free we play the Dragons full of confidence. The rest we really should win. Full of confidence but we have the best draw to come out the other end with 10 wins

I accept your apology.
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