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Apr 26, 2012
I feel that the majority of the league fraternity give a less biased more even opinion of Manu. He spent a long time rated as one of the best wingers in the world. How could anyone rate him that when he has "no skill". The guy is massive, of course he isn't going to have the same skill set as a lean winger. He will never score from outside the field of play while airborne. The guy has had so many leg problems that have slowed his pace, but as he has said, the recent operation has freed his knee up, so lets see if any of his pace returns. When you are built like Manu, you will never have a decent sidestep, but you can power over the player, especially when you are given space and a fair one on one match up. He gets covered by 3 or 4 defenders. For a guy with "no skill", that seems an excessive amount of defence to waste on him.

You have a very good way of ignoring everything positive about him to "prove your points" but no one else buys this, so it really is unconvincing to anyone. As I have said, it just shows your opinion is solely based on emotion and not fact. Have you ever wondered why you are alone in this opinion of Manu. There is not a single other person on this site who shows such contempt for him. Virtually everyone sees current value in him, while wishing the errors would reduce, but not everyone can be basing their opinions on some falsity that only you can see.

Hahahahaha, he doesn't have those skills because he's big, or has had injuries.....i expected pathetic excuse's, but that is is gold, you're a joke.

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